my practice is a way of life

Yoga has been my greatest teacher helping to unveil my inner strength and live my truth.

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My spiritual practice has been a gradual process of waking up, peeling back the layers of conditioning to unveil my inner truth. Yoga has improved my quality of life exponentially it is the guide that ensures I do better each day. What was once making me feel better on a physical level has developed into a transformation of the way that I feel in every aspect of my life. I live out my practice in the words I speak, the actions I take and through my intention always to be kind and compassionate.

The longer I practice yoga asana the more obvious it becomes that mindful movement matters. I’m endlessly fascinated by the ways in which informed movement leads to a stronger relationship between mind and body.

Teaching is a great honour. Watching students find confidence in themselves and relaxation brings me such joy. To provide a space that encourages nourishment for others is what motivates me. I’m driven to create classes that give students a chance to explore their bodies, nourish their souls & connect to their power. Magical things happen when people realise that they have so much strength within.

A few years ago I noticed a pulsing heat emanating from my hands when I taught yoga. Curious to find out more I looked into reiki healing as a way to channel this energy. I adore offering reiki sessions as a profoundly soothing way to nourish clients and help them move through energetic blocks. 

You may have noticed that I draw huge inspiration from the sea. The constant ebb and flow of the water against the shore edge is my reminder to connect with my breath and ride the ever changing waves of life. It’s this love of the sea and surfing that has formed my heartfelt desire to create surf & yoga retreats that will give students not only the skills to surf but the courage to feel empowered in their yoga practice.

It’s my highest intention to provide yoga classes, retreats & reiki sessions that give you space to connect to yourself on a profound level.


“Alice’s classes made me understand the possibilities of yoga as a tool to strengthen the body and mind”





I’m so grateful to my first yoga teacher, Carl Faure for helping me to become the teacher I am today. The thing I love about this practice is that there is always more to learn and develop. I see it as my life’s work. I draw huge inspiration from my students and learn from them everyday.

You can read more about my constantly evolving approach to teaching in my blog.


200hr Hatha & Vinyasa Flow
Carl Faure & Vidya Jacqueline Heisel

40hr Pregnancy yoga
Uma Dinsmore Tuli & Lisa White

30hr Yoga Therapy for Eating dDsorders
Sam Bottrill

6hr Teaching & Modifying for Pregnancy
Clare Maddalena

First Aid at Work

SUP Yoga Teacher Training

Reiki 1 Attunement
Michael Kauffman

Liberate & Elevate mentorship
Naomi Absalom