It’s My Pleasure To Offer You Vinyasa, Prenatal & SUP Yoga Classes In Barcelona

Restore Your Energy Levels & Relax Deeply With Reiki Healing


Yoga Is A Transformative Practice Which Elevates Life. The Journey Begins With You.

This Practice Is Truly For Everyone. Yoga Offers A Path To Connect Back In With Yourself And Your Environment.

Through Taking Time To Connect With Your Breath, Body & Mind You Can Discover A Life Enhancing Practice.

I Teach Open Level, Nurturing Classes In Barcelona For All Levels Of Practitioner.

“Alice has taught yoga to Leigh, Peter and Noe (and occasionally the dog too) since summer 2016, and we have all benefited hugely from her professionalism and patience, her calm and encouraging style, her enormous sense of humour and the generous sharing of her extensive yoga skills.

Working with different levels in the same class is undoubtedly difficult but Alice rises to the task every time, with personalised lessons that manage to challenge, inspire and invigorate.

We would highly recommend Alice for anyone looking to learn more and improve their yoga practice whether a complete beginner or someone with a bit more experience.”

Leigh & Peter


  • Yoga For Surfers Workshop Gurubebila, Sri Lanka: 13th January 14.00-16.00

    Would you like to improve your mobility and flexibility for surfing? Are tired and aching muscles holding you back from time in the water?

    Then join us for a specially created yoga workshop for surfers. You will learn postures and flows that specifically target the areas of the body that can get over worked whilst surfing, such as the lower back and shoulder girdle. You’ll spend time re-energising with pranayama techniques which will improve focus and lung capacity. There will be lots of opportunity to ask questions and most importantly have fun!

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