Yoga Gifts For Loved Ones

Are you looking for an extra special gift to give? Perhaps you know someone who needs a little bit of nurturing and could benefit from a reiki healing session. Or maybe a loved one really wants to get into, or practice more yoga and could use some private yoga classes. I’ve put together these options below especially for people who want to give a gift that can benefit the body and mind.

Please feel free to email me if you want do discuss tailoring a gift for someone special.

Online Private Yoga Classes

Online private yoga classes are a wonderful way to explore the beautiful practice of yoga in a way that’s tailored to the students needs, from the comfort of their own home. I aim to take them on a journey of exploration within their practice through meditation, pranayama and asana. 

The classes would take place at a time that suits the student on either skype or facetime.

An hour individual online class is 50€ or £45

Please email for more details.

Handmade Lavender & Chamomile Eye Pillows

These handmade chamomile, lavender and linseed eye pillows are made with love. I source everything from Barcelona. They are wonderful for aiding relaxation and restful sleep. The pillows also make the perfect accompaniment for a dreamy savasana at the end of yoga practice. The weight of the pillow is enough to feel a gentle pressure but not too much that the eye pillow can’t mould to the shape of the face. Each eye pillow has a cotton liner which encases the filling for extra comfort.

The dimensions are approx 10 inches long by 5 inches wide. Each pillow comes with a beautiful small rose quartz crystal. for compassionate healing energy and a lovely organza pouch.

The pillows are 17€ or £15 (not including post & packaging). For more information and to discuss fabric options please email

Private Yoga Classes in Barcelona

Receiving a 1-2-1 class yoga class is a wonderful way to explore the practice in a way that’s tailored to the student’s needs. This is a perfect gift for those who want to explore yoga from the comfort of their home whilst receiving hands-on adjustments. Each class finishes with relaxation and a soothing head massage with essential oils.

The classes would take place at a time and location that suits the student.

An hour individual class is 55€

Please email for more details.

Reiki Healing Sessions in Barcelona

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique, which channels the universal energy or ‘ki’ to bring the receivers vital forces (energy field) back into harmony. During the treatment the client remains fully clothed and I either place my hands lightly on, or away from the body, moving along the seven main chakra points. I am the portal for the healing energy to flow directly into the areas of the client’s body that are drawing the fresh energy in.

The investment for reiki healing is from 35€ per hour, dependent on location. Alternatively purchase 3 sessions for 100€.

If you’d like to talk to me more about the benefits of reiki or book a healing session please email me at

About Alice

Alice believes deeply in the power of yoga as a tool for self-exploration. Through her personal practice she has developed a stronger connection to not only her true self but her environment around her. She teaches from a place that is inclusive, nurturing and open to all. Alice’s classes follow a steady pace where the emphasis is on tuning in so you can develop a better understanding of your body, mind and soul.

Alice has dedicated the past two and a half years to sharing the art of yoga and helping others to see all the infinite power they hold within. You can read more about her experience and qualifications here.