My yoga practice and teachings are continuous journeys of self-exploration, understanding and discovery.


Yoga has taught me that life doesn’t have to be so fast and reactive. There’s an opportunity to step back, find space and respond in a way that is kind and compassionate both to myself and others. In this space there is an opportunity to ask questions, driven by an insatiable curiosity to explore beneath the layers. Over time, yoga is helping me to find and increase my personal power. If I am the fire, yoga is the wood that feeds me, and helps burn through that which is holding me back.

Through the practice of yoga I have developed more self-awareness and a much richer understanding of my actions, behaviours and thought processes. By opening up my body I have simultaneously cleared pathways in my mind for new perspectives. What was once making me feel better on a physical level has also become one of my biggest educators on a spiritual and emotional level. For me yoga boils down to connection. Throughout my practice I have strengthened my own connection to my true self, always a work in progress I might add. But by stepping onto the mat I have to pay attention, and in those moments of attention I am connected to something deeper.


I teach from a place that is inclusive, nurturing and open to all. Whilst I provide cues that educate my practice I strongly believe each practitioner should fine tune their relationship to their intuitive nature within the practice. If you’re willing to listen you will find oceans of wisdom and possibility within yourself. My classes follow a steady pace where the emphasis is on connection to breath and the present moment.


I am so grateful to Carl Faure for offering me a free class at Stretch. It what this generosity that drew me to his teacher training back in 2015. Thank you to Vidya Jacqueline Heisel for developing the Frog Lotus style which informs the architecture of the classes I teach.

Abi Nolan of Supply Yoga has been a constant support and source of inspiration over the past 2 years of teaching for her. The work Abi does to support communities who hugely benefit from the free yoga she provides is life changing.

In 2016 I under took a mentor-ship with Naomi Absalom which has grown me both as a teacher and a woman. I’m forever grateful to her for putting in the work so she could direct me to the path to uncover my gifts as a teacher.


Since the age of 8 I have been enamoured with surfing. What I lack in skill I make up in passion. This passion has taken me all over the world from good old Cornwall to Bali, Mexico and beyond. You can read more about my surfing escapades here. My bicycle is the preferred mode of transport around Barcelona, usually with a few yoga mats strapped to the parcel shelf. Having overcome anorexia in my early twenties I am passionate about increasing self-esteem and body confidence in others. I write a lot about this important topic over on the blog.


200hr Hatha & vinyasa flow – Carl Faure & Vidya Jacqueline Heisel

40hr Pregnancy yoga – Uma Dinsmore Tuli & Lisa White

30hr Yoga therapy for eating disorders – Sam Bottrill

6hr Teaching & modifying for pregnancy – Clare Maddalena

First aid at work – Gymbox

SUP yoga teacher training – SUPfit

Reiki 1 Attunement – Michael Kauffman

Liberate & Elevate mentorship – Naomi Absalom

Chanting and yoga philosophy – Lizzie Reaumont

Reiki 2 Attunement – Carly Grace

Yoga Physics from the inside out – Alex Crow

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