Building A Confident Foundation For Inversions

Building a Confident Foundation for Inversions with Alice Jackson

Saturday 16th December, 3-5.30pm Supply Yoga, London

Putting your heart above your hips and moving through upside down yoga postures, or ‘Inversions’, can provide us with rich opportunities to experience patience & excitement, to overcome fear and to practice the art of full presence. During this one off workshop we’ll look at the anatomical foundations of a strong, confident inversion practice, step by step – we’ll work on a range of postures including dolphin, headstand and forearm balance and identify how they all link together.

Spend an animated, upside down Saturday afternoon with us, renew confidence in yourself and your strength. (The workshop will include using the wall for support so don’t worry about being ‘advanced’ enough and we’ll also include some partner work so encourage a friend to sign up too!)

The workshop will run from 15.00 until 17:30 and will cost £25, the funds raised will support Supply Yoga’s continued community work, you can book in online as you would a regular class, just click here.