Each Of These Styles Of Yoga Called Me In Towards Them. I’m Thrilled To Offer Them To You.

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Yoga & Brunch

Vinyasa Flow – Strength & Grace

In essence vinyasa means movement with breath. Throughout the practice you are encouraged to draw awareness to your breath creating focus, absorption and synchronicity between body, mind and movement. Postures are weaved together to allow space for you to explore, strengthen and tune into your body. I teach a steady paced flow which is suitable for beginners and beyond. My classes are usually set to music which relates to the theme I’m teaching. Coming from a musical family I’m aware it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Do let me know if you prefer without.

Prenatal Yoga – Connection & Surrender

Pregnancy yoga is a deeply nourishing practice that strengthens the connection between you and your baby, preparing you both for this beautiful journey together. Classes are designed to build confidence and inner strength, soothe minor ailments and ultimately create a safe space for you to breathe, relax and restore. Pregnancy is a time of profound change so the classes are created to honour them. Mumma’s to-be are invited to explore their practice and find deeper levels of connection with their baby through movement, mantras and sonic baby massage.

SUP Yoga – Absorption & Nature

SUP (stand up paddleboard) yoga takes your practice out onto the high waters. What better way to connect with the elements than practicing yoga outdoors being lulled by the gentle lap of water? SUP yoga can be challenging at first, navigating balance, attention and trying your best not to fall in the water. But fear not you soon get used to it. This also has the added benefit of meaning you’re so focused on the moment that you become absorbed in the practice.